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As a registered health professional, Sally our Osteopath here at New Forest Sports Massage Clinic is used to treating patients that are deciding if they require surgical intervention. One role an Osteopath has is to keep the body functioning so that our patients can avoid going under the knife however, sometimes we don’t get to see patients at the beginning of their problem, and this leads no choice but to have surgery.

It can be a daunting and stressful time. You are already in a lot of discomfort; you are unsure of the processes and lack clarity on what questions to ask.

 When seeking medical intervention, here are #NFSM Top Tips:

Have an idea of what you want the outcome of your meeting to be. It could be that you want to discuss your worries and concerns, require medication, X-Ray, a Scan or want another referral to see a consultant.

Have a list of your questions and take them with you. Appointment times can be limited so best to be prepared. You don’t want to walk out feeling you didn’t get time to ask those burning questions.

Do you want a diagnosis? Do you think this would help you and your Osteopath to understand how best to help you? Most cases, Osteopathy treatment can provide a lot of help.

Ask what the cause of your pain is, this goes a long way for you to understand how it happened.

Ask what your treatment options are, both NHS and private. Even if you know you will not be going privately, we think it’s best to get yourself informed of all Western and Eastern treatment possibilities.

If you are now at the consultant phase, ask them do they think they are right person to help your specific condition?

Not sure you want surgery? Then book a treatment session with our Osteopath and discuss a possible treatment plan with long term solutions.