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What is your cancellation policy?

Every year valuable clinic time is lost because of patients failing to attend their appointments or cancelling at short notice. This makes it more difficult for us to accommodate our patients in need of urgent treatment, for existing patients to book appointments and for new patients to register here.

NFSM wants to help you avoid the cost of failed or late cancelled appointments. we will charge for un-used time where a patient fails to attend or cancels without reasonable notice (less than 48 hours before the appointment).

When contacting NFSM to cancel or change your appointment you will receive a reply for NFSM as a form of confirmation.

Patients who are unable to make their appointment because of sudden illness should, where possible, contact the clinic as soon as they are aware that they cannot attend. If you are unsure whether you can make it to an appointment, please contact us early to discuss the matter rather than leaving it to the last minute. Failing to notify us before the appointment time will result in a failure to attend charge being made unless there are exceptional circumstances.

NFSM understands that sometime life gets in the way of scheduled appointment times, and we do take extenuating circumstances into consideration, and it will be down to the clinics discretion if a charge is to be made.