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NFSMAsset 1@120

Osteopathy is both an Art and Science with a holistic outlook that views the body, mind, and spirit as one entity. The principle that the body is self-healing and health is seen as the ability to adapt effectively to our environment. When our body is at a healthy state all the messages from the nervous system and hormonal system act accordingly with no complaints. As soon as we experience trauma (physically, emotionally, and chemically) this can distort these messages and lead to disease, for example, muscle tension, depression, unable to absorb and utilise nutrients). At #NFSM we aim to detect these changes and help restore balance within your body by seeing our patients face-face, with hands-on-care and using different manual therapy techniques, providing long-lasting solutions to your problems. Sally can also help educate you on what you can change outside of the treatment sessions for example, ways to adapt diet, exercise and sleeping patterns to increase your chances of a balanced fully functioning body.

Hands on Osteopathy treatment can help with:

  • Reducing your pain
  • Increase blood flow to areas of poor flow
  • Increase range of movement
  • Increase flexibility
  • Encourage the healing process

Improve your quality of life and mood