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Osteopathic and Sports Massage Treatments

We are a growing clinic of practitioners offering Osteopathy and Sports Massage treatments in Hordle, in the New Forest.

Getting treatment promptly is a great start to helping yourself become pain free, moving easier and continuting freely with your activities. Have you noticed the older you get those niggles don’t go away as easily?

Do any of these sound familiar to you……..

  • Are you having to reduce your time on the golf course, tennis court, running sessions or even stopped your sports?
  • Finding you can’t garden for long before you get pain?
  • Struggling to play and keep up with your grandchildren?
  • Are you struggling to get out of bed in the mornings because you feel your joints are stiff?
  • Is your sleep disturbed because of pain? Or feeling a constant dull ache?
  • Been injured but not fully recovered yet? And need advice on how to move forwards?

The longer you leave these symptoms the more the body adapts to deal with it. You can rely on our treatments to help you recover as we have a strong passion to share our knowledge to help you find freedom in movement. Therefore, empowering you to continue to enjoy the activities you love.

Start your wellness journey with us today, the first step towards a healthier happy body is to book your initial assessment.


Why Choose Us?

We are easy to work with and believe our treatments are a great addition to eliminating your pain, get you moving better and feel happier. We have a high level of understanding the human body from a physical, chemical, and psychological aspects. All these elements are required to work in harmony to achieve optimal health and for you to reach your goals.

We look forward to welcoming you to our clean, spacious, and natural light treatment room.


Trusted by the
Local Community

Lindie PickupLindie Pickup
19:28 07 Dec 23
I have suffered with knee problems since an injury 6 years ago. I lead a very active life which was consistently painful and at times impossible. I have been down all the usual routes with no success so was relying on pain killers and anti inflammatories to get me through the day and night. After one appointment with Sally I was able to ditch the drugs and start to get my life back. Six appointments later and I feel like a different person. Sally is incredibly knowledgeable and very skilled (and has a great sense of humour) and has without doubt, got me back on my feet!
11:34 04 Dec 23
Wow amazing treatment today with Sally, she is very knowledgeable, I’m feeling much more comfortable, and even a little taller 😉👏 thank you Sally see you in the new year. X
Mervyn HoughtonMervyn Houghton
10:30 16 Oct 23
Sally was really outgoing and friendly and assessed my condition in a thorough and professional way. I was impressed with her attention to detail and she was precise in her instructions for exercises. My first treatment session enabled me to move my neck more than previously. It was an excellent session.
Alan WilliamsAlan Williams
12:36 06 Oct 23
I visited New Forest Sports Massage Clinic as I had a shoulder pain and very stiff neck. Sally is absolutely thorough, and explored all the possibilities that could have caused this in the first place, and how I would recover from this problem with exercises and treatment. Sally is absolutely passionate about all aspects of healthcare and I feel totally confident in the way she carries out her treatment, she is so knowledgeable about the body and the way it works, I would absolutely recommend her and her treatments .
Jacque HigginsonJacque Higginson
10:00 05 Aug 23
Sally really digs deep to find all of the routes that could be the lead to your problem. She is very understanding and takes time to listen to your situation.Sally is very passionate about her profession and from the data she was gathering, you can tell that she only wants the best outcome for you.I have great confidence in having treatment from Sally and I can't wait to have my first in depth session with her. I've had my assessment and I can tell I've already come to the right place.If your in pain it's definitely worth taking the first step and booking a call with Sally.
Valerie DaulbyValerie Daulby
13:55 18 May 23
I used to visit Sally prior to Covid but then lost her details. She had moved from her original treatment rooms so I was delighted to be able to find her again through a leaflet via Village Voice and able to book an appointment. She is very efficient and carefully explains what she is doing whilst giving you a treatment. I have just started back with her and will update as I get along with my treatments. I am so glad I found her again.
Linda ClarkLinda Clark
17:30 24 Apr 23
I thoroughly recommend Sally.I woke up with an acute pain in my side and it hurt a lot especially when I took a deep breath in. Sally was able to see me quickly and reassured me it was musculoskeletal ( Rib/spine issue). One treatment and the next day there was a massive improvement in my pain, and now I’m back to normal.
Jade HJade H
09:55 09 Apr 23
Sally really is a miracle worker and that’s no exaggeration, having hairdresser shoulders and suffering from week long headaches sally has really done wonders in the few sessions we’ve had and I can gratefully say I’ve not had a headache since. Not only is sally a very professional, knowledgeable and friendly practitioner, she makes you feel very at ease and comfortable, listening to your every concern. I couldn’t recommend sally enough. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!Thank you sally!
Claire TurnerClaire Turner
14:20 22 Feb 23
Only just had the first appointment but my back pain went straight away after some adjustments, I am completely blown away! Sally was amazingly professional and knowledgeable and clearly loves what she does.
Sophie BeesleySophie Beesley
21:17 20 Dec 22
I recommend Sally very highly. I suffer from chronic back pain and whilst on holiday in the area I suffered from a serious flare up and was in lots of pain. Sally listened carefully to understand how she could help in a one-off situation and with huge skill and professionalism, helped to ease my back so that I could enjoy the rest of my break pain-free. I am hugely grateful and very impressed by Sally's service and talent.
Lesley SmithLesley Smith
16:19 29 Nov 22
I have had 2 appointments with Sally, I am always very dubious before going to someone new for any treatment (probably why I am so 'broken'). Sally has been more than excellent, not only does she take time to understand you and how your body works, but she has made considerable improvement already to my very painful back. Her striving for improvement and learning all the time is very impressive. I thoroughly recommend.
Rodolfo Olvera-TrejoRodolfo Olvera-Trejo
16:56 26 Nov 22
Sally has over a decade of experience, plus years of training. She definitely knows what she is doing and tackles the problem from the root. In my case she helped me in a few sessions with longtime injuries and I was simply amazed. Totally worth it and fully recommendable!
Simon DigweedSimon Digweed
13:48 05 Nov 22
Both my work colleague and I have visited Sally for a couple of years. We consider her the third member of the team as we are both barbers of some years with back issues who couldn't operate as well without her constant attention. Dedicated, professional and a fountain of knowledge. Thank you.
12:23 19 Oct 22
I have been under treatment with Sally for issues with my back. I feel much more comfortable now and she gives you plenty of tips to help alongside her interventions. She is very gentle, and I can most definitely recommend her.
Cecilia GorrelCecilia Gorrel
16:01 21 Aug 22
I have been seeing Sally Morris every fortnight for several years and couldn't be without the care she gives me. I am fit and healthy and exercise a lot, so there is always somewhere that is 'tender'. Sally always identifies the spot and her treatment (manipulation, massage, sometimes acupuncture) takes the discomfort away so I can carry on training in the way I enjoy.Sally is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. I couldn't be without her. As far as I'm concerned she is integral to my wellbeing.
Dawn McewanDawn Mcewan
13:31 13 Aug 22
Sally is amazing.. she is very knowledgable and works wonders on my back. She is going the extra mile to help me get back healthy and pain free again.If I could give more than 5 stars I would.If you need help then highly recommend New Forest Sports Massage
Graeme BlackwoodGraeme Blackwood
06:00 05 Aug 22
I have never been keen on massage but with a back and neck problem my wife persuaded me to give it a go. Sally really made a difference, I should have done it years ago. She is very thorough in taking down the necessary information before starting and then really targets the areas. As soon as lockdown is over I'll be back.
Adele CarrollAdele Carroll
15:54 25 May 22
Sally is a skilled, extremely experienced and very attentive therapist. I had stiffness and pain in my neck and shoulders and she indentified the problem area immediately. After a couple of treatment sessions, Sally got me back to being pain free with complete freedom of movement. I cannot recommend Sally highly enough.
Vineeta GreenwoodVineeta Greenwood
09:19 22 May 22
Sally is a wonderful massage and physiology expert. The treatment is pain free and I feel so relaxed at the end of every session. There is no sales or suggestion to book extra sessions. Just open minded help when required.